Where I get my inspiration

Posted on May 20, 2016

I get my inspiration from a range of different people – not so much from the materials people use to make their art, but from how it makes me feel or the story behind it.  Here are just a few people I am very inspired by….

Heather Day

I found Heather on Instagram (where actually I find I get a lot of inspiration from seeing artists in action, in their studios, and their work in progress).  What I love about her is that she is so prolific, as well as the freedom and scale of her work.  She is all about making a mess and exploring.

One of the things that drew me to her was that she did a trip across America (from San Francisco to New York) last year – travelling solo and camping.  She made art on a daily basis on the trip and posted this as she went, as well as photos from all the interesting national parks she was in.  It seemed very brave, very honest and very exposing in a way, and her art was great.  Her work is a personal journey, and you can see her growing in confidence as she goes.  She lets you share in that process.

Crazy Susi Food

Another Instagram favourite of mine is Susi – who, in a nutshell, plays with her food!  She creates really funny characters from food, in an incredibly created way, and I can’t help but smile each time one of her pictures pops up on my phone.  They remind me of some of the crazy characters that I draw – I imagine they must come from a similar head space.  Inspiration doesn’t always need to come in the same format!

Iris Grace

Iris Grace Painting garden studio

Iris is 6 years old – and the energy and passion she has in her work is something I really relate to – and hope that people will experience in some way through looking at my own work.  She has autism and until recently didn’t speak, and her art speaks volumes.  It is so packed full of emotion and feeling – I can’t help but be moved by it.  My husband got me one of her prints a few years ago for Christmas and it is one of my favourite things.  I get something from it each time I look at it.  It inspires me to keep working, to be brave and show my feelings, and reminds me of the power and potential of art – to help us to relate to and understand each other.



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