Other ways to buy my work

Visiting my studio

You are very welcome to visit my studio if you would like to have a look through my work and chat to me more about what I do.  Please email me to arrange a visit.

See something you like that isn’t in my online shop?

A lot of the work on my website is large work, which is also for sale.  If you see a specific piece you are interested in, please do contact me and I will be happy to let you know if it available, and provide size and cost information.

Ribbons 2, 2016

You can also see a lot of my work on my Instagram feed which isn’t featured on my website – if there is anything you see that you like on there, please let me know as most of my work is for sale or I can produce prints.  And I also have a large number of sketchbooks, which you are welcome to browse, and I can make prints from anything in there that you like as well (see a couple of recent examples below).


If you are interested in commissioning a piece of work, please send me an email and I will be happy to discuss the sort of thing you would like.  Commissions are available on any scale – and from framed work on paper, to canvas and wall murals.  I like to work on commissions that have a element of freedom to them, starting loosely with a colour, medium and size you would like and perhaps a place, person, memory, piece of music or experience you would like to capture.  You can see an example of one of my recent commissions below (and see me producing it here).