See Me In Action

Big colourful abstract on paper

This was just a piece I created on paper this summer just because I really fancied making something on a large scale again!  No concept or ideas behind it – really just going with the flow and seeing where it took me.

Abstract canvas based on trees

A large commissioned canvas, produced for a friend – the brief was to create anything I liked, but I chose to work with his favourite colour (green) and the feel of running through the woods (he is an ultra runner) in Spring. This piece is painted in acrylic and all done with my hands.

Wall Mural

A large scale bedroom wall mural produced for my niece!

Black and white movie

This was a piece I created for the creative meetup group I run – and the theme was Cinematic, so I created a black and white painting and made it into a black and white film.  Again, it was about process rather than the end result!