Colouring In Ideas


I’ve put together some different ideas below if you are looking for some inspiration / different ways to colour in your new hand designed colouring in pictures.

These are all using the pencils that come with your colouring in pack, but you can also use a wide range of arts materials on the kind of paper they are printed on – for example I really like watercolour paints, and my favourite felt tip pens are Staedtler Triplus Colour Fibre-Tip Pens (available at Amazon or good stationery / art shops).  You can get some really lovely effects with Tombow ABT Dual Brush Pens, more expensive than normal felt tip pens but really nice to use (available from all good art shops). 

I hope you enjoy your colouring in – and I would love to see your finished pictures too – do email me a picture of it if you would like to share this with me!

How about some graduated rainbow shapes…..


Or a bit of colouring of the background…..


Maybe some stained glass effect colouring in – where you colour the edges of the shape darker than the rest for a more 3D effect….


Or filling in the shapes with different textures rather than block colours….