About My Work

How I make my work

People often ask me what my art work is like, but I find it much easier to describe how I make my art, as to me this is perhaps even more important than what it ends up looking like.

There aren’t any ideas or concepts behind my work, other than to explore and see what happens.  When I paint or draw I’m in a state of flow – I choose a medium, size of paper and colours I’m drawn to in the moment and then I just let whatever needs to come out come out. I have worked very hard to develop a way of working where I just don’t think about what the end result might be, and I think in this sense the way I produce my work is very mindful.

I’m constantly surprised at what comes out on the paper, and often the images are pure expressions of how I am feeling in the moment, so it can feel like looking in a mirror.  My art making is a process of continuous self exploration.  Sometimes the work ends up looking lovely, sometimes not – more often somewhere in between, but I find letting go of what something is meant to be incredibly liberating.

I make my work in a fast, expressive, experimental and often messy way.  I’m really not a sit down and paint for a whole afternoon kind of artist but instead have quick bursts of creative output.